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examining the experience is of those who have come to call the u.s. home. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. in libya, state television is reporting you allied air strikes tonight, even as anti-government rebels) on what could be an important symbolic victory after a weekend of military gains. there have been moving steadily west, retaking towns they had earlier lost, moving from benghazi, the rebels are now in control of three other towns. the biggest victory could be the capture of sirte, colonel gaddafi's home town. >> taking the fight to colonel gaddafi's birthplace. rebels pounding targets near the town of sirte. a victory here would have huge the symbolic value. if the libyan leader cannot defend his home town, how long can he defend his regime? rebels said these were some of his supporters, mercenaries, they claimed, sent to kill, but defeated by poorly armed volunteers. we found rebel fighters racing to the front lines with a clear message for the libyan leader. a few weeks ago, a gesture like this would have gotten him killed. along the way, we
the coast. >> revolution 101 -- beginners' of lessons in using a rocket- propelled grenade. but there is more guesswork here that expertise. the rubble -- the rebels want more weapons and the international community is suggesting they might get them. what is missing here is training and leadership. >> if we get the new weapons and someone training as, maybe we can do something to push him back. but with this old weapon, we can do anything. >> who is actually in charge? >> no commander here. altogether, we are talking together and we make the plans together. but maybe he is with us -- i don't know how it looks like. i don't know anything. >> you just heard some names? >> it just names. >> some generals have defected to the rebels, but they're not leading from the front. instead of command-and-control, we saw confusion and infighting. something they did not want us to film. >> the rebels are moving out now. they have been reloading their weapons and have reorganized on the side of the road. there has been a lot of singing and chanting and praying, but you don't get the sense
with the battle -- the bbc middle east. it starts with jeremy bowen in london. >> the u.s. jets returning to their base in italy. the decision to use air power against colonel gadhafi in libya was taken quickly, so quickly that they are still sorting out the politics behind it. if that is one reason for the london conference, assembling ministers and diplomats from 40 countries, and the arab league and the african union to back u.n. resolutions. though thertheir enthusiasm for military action varies. the mandate to protect civilians also means taking sides in a civil war. >> we made the right choice, that was to draw a line in the desert sand to halt the murderous advance of gaddafi's forces. no one has yet to explain when or how that commitment ends. the conference also said -- started the process toward more legitimacy. this is the closest of rebels have to a political leadership and would like more help on the ground, too. >> the americans said they would consider arming the rebels. is that something you would like? >> you can see that they are fighting with machine guns, etc. >> the u
apologizing and fouling to us, but his words do not meet my heart. i think this apology is not enough. >> do you feel anger? >> of course we were angry. but now it is discussed more than anger. -- it is disgust more than anger. i wish they had told us the truth. >> bringing the reactors under control could take months, and the cleanup years. >> some news just in. the tokyo electric power company behind the nuclear plant -- control of that company has been taking over by the japanese government. the government will infuse the company with cash, which could pave the way to nationalization, something many have predicted. other news comes from the world of global business. the wto has ruled that boeing received more than $5 billion in illegal subsidies from the u.s. government, giving it an unfair advantage over airbus. boeing and airbus were informed of the it is only now that information has been made public. microsoft has filed a complaint with european union regulators against google. they are accusing the company of trying to edge them out of the search market. microsoft claims google used
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4